It Ain’t Fair Podcast

Ahhhh, think back to November 4th. When the things that we were saying “It Ain’t Fair” about included brain tumors, speeding tickets, and the continued marginalization of indigenous people. Well, sounds about the same as what we think ain’t fair now.

It Ain't Fair

It Ain’t Fair that we only get to do this once a month.

Thanks to everyone who came and listened. Thanks to everyone who came and told a story. Let’s have more of both please.

Our next event is December 2nd and the theme is Interruptions.

And now, the stories.

Ann – An Unpleasant Surprise
Roni – Hair Cut
Kelly – I AM an Indigenous Woman
Anonymous – The Day I Learned
Anonymous – No Shit
Victoria – Most People Know Me By My Middle Name
Rikkard – 2 Instead of 3
Anonymous – Bit of a Hypocondriac

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