Crossing the Line Podcast

Crossing the Line

Welcome back to Crescendo after a summer off for our Crossing the Line story night. Our friend Esteban Touma hosted the event and he’s funny and charming as always. Esteban also noticed that you all have a thing about dead animals.

Turns out that crossing the line involves a lot of dead animals.

Our next event will be October 7th at Crescendo. We’ll announce the theme on our Facebook page. We’ll also be continuing our storytelling workshops. The next one is September 18th at Madison Central Library’s Bubbler Room. We’ll be working with Jen Rubin who is a producer for The Moth in Madison and has told stories at our mic. Speaking of The Moth, Esteban will be hosting their event this coming Monday.

And now, the stories.

Esteban – The Biggest Line in the World
Heather – D.I.N.K.s
John – Tight Clamp
Alan – Threshold, Stolen Cookies, The Belt, Threshold
Eric story bloc – Know What You Are About; Ghengis Khan and the Hawk; Power of No; Chamber of Treasures
John – Another Dog Story
Mykel – Breaking the Law and Crossing the Line

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