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Kingdom of Fandom

Fandom Here we are in the afterglow of another wonderful Madison Storyteller’s evening. We tried out a new location, Crescendo Espresso Bar and Cafe, and it worked out really nicely. We are hoping to be there all the time now.

And you, you were all wonderful too. You listened rapturously, you laughed loudly, and clapped like the Devil was after you and you believed in the Devil and thought for some reason that clapping would get the Devil to stop chasing you. We all know that isn’t true. Clapping brings fairies back to life. You also told the paint off of some stories about Fandom. Here they are in the podcast form and if you want to download your story or your favorite story to make some new club jam out of it you can go to Recordings section of our website.

Our next event is February 5th so that you can get excited for The Moth on February 15th.

Fandom Podcast

Amanda – Not a Great Fan
Brendon – Canadians Can Be Mean
Alison – X-Philes
Micro Stories
-Amanda: I’ve Recovered
-Anonymous: Performance and Deceit
-Keith: The Trick
-Mallory: Struggin It
-Matt: Finally Recorded
-Anonymous: Metason Storytellers
-Anonymous: True Fan
-Anonymous: Somehow I Was Acting
-Anonymous: Meeting Robin
Stephanie – Accidental Director
Anonymous – Don’t Push Boundaries Too Much
Fern – I Have One Fan