From the Ashes Podcast

from the ashes
We got another great crowd at The Bubbler at Madison Central Library for our stories about coming back from total and utter defeat. There was a whole lot going on at the event. 100state had the culmination of their Pynk Phoenix contest. So there were a few people in a lot of body paint and streamers.

It was also the gallery opening for local artist Romano Johnson. Go see it because there is glitter, bright colors, and incredible hairdos. All the things you were missing from fine art.

Here’s the podcast:

Amanda – Switch
Laurie – Out of the Shadows
Jonathan – Catechism with Carl Bernstein
Fire Microstories
-No Cake
-No Fire
-Like A Lot of Very Stupid Young People
-Blind Date
-Parents Who Don’t Pay Attention

We are taking December off and will see you all in January.

Let us know if you have a storytelling event coming up and we’ll tell everyone we know about it. Just everyone.

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