From the Ashes Recordings

Dusting ourselves off and leaving the ashes behind.

from the ashes
The Bubbler at Madison Central Library keeps having us back and we keep having a lot of fun there. Even when we are telling stories about times that weren’t so very much fun.

This time there was a whole lot of other stuff happening before the stories got underway. 100state had the award ceremony for their Pynk Phoenix contest. This involved a bit of body paint and streamers. Also some dancing. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

from the ashesIt was also the gallery opening for local artist Romano Johnson. Go see it because there is glitter, bright colors, and incredible hairdos. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

Thanks for another fine year of stories and thank you to another fine year of fine, fine audiences. People get up and tell stories about difficult times in their lives and they always say that we are welcoming and supportive as an audience. Which means the world. Just the whole world.

Amanda – Switch

Laurie – Out of the Shadows

Jonathan – Catechism with Carl Bernstein

Fire Microstories

-No Cake
-No Fire
-Like A Lot of Very Stupid Young People
-Blind Date
-Parents Who Don’t Pay Attention

We are taking December off and will see you all in January.

Let us know if you have a storytelling event coming up and we’ll tell everyone we know about it. Just everyone.