Get Involved with Stories

Just start doing something. Then you are involved.

Easiest way to get involved

We are always looking for people to get involved with upcoming events or for ways to help people get more story events going around town.

Whether you want to help organize upcoming events, get some assistance hosting your own event, or just advertise to a Madison audience of story lovers, please please please drop us a line:

madisonstorytellers [at]

Other Story Events around Madison:

The Brick’s Theatre has many events that are centered around storytelling. See what is scheduled on their Facebook page.

Johnson Public House Story Slam is the last Friday of every month. Look for information on their Facebook page.

Listen to Your Mother is a yearly event held on Mother’s Day.

Madison Community Discourse hosts a number of events centered around six month projects. All of the events involve art and a lot of them involve storytelling. They also have a Facebook page.

Madison Story Slam is currently meeting at the Wil-Mar Center. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page to find out what is happening with them.

Monona Public Library Storytelling Club

What’s Your Damage?

Nearish Storytelling Groups and Events:

Ex Fabula – Milwaukee, WI

Essay Fiesta – Chicago, IL – Their events take place the 3rd Monday of every month.

Mortified is based in L.A., but has a stage show in Chicago.