A Good Habit is Hard to Find Podcast

A Good Habit is Hard to Find and Only Getting Harder.

A Good Habit is Hard to Find

Ugh, I just broke a CFL in my house and I’m not leaving the room because it is 11 pm and I have to write this. I might be getting mercury poisoning for all of you. I just want you to hear these stories about habits and micro stories about things we will never do again. Like what I’m doing right now. Sitting in a mercury contaminated room, writing this post, chewing on my fingernails, and eating my boogers. A good habit IS hard to find right here, right now.

We told these last week at Crescendo Music Cafe and boy, did we pack it in there. Chemo and bras and moving and babies and fireworks and on and on and on.

Our next event is April 1st at Old Sugar Distillery. The theme will be I Should Have Known Better.

And now, the stories.

A Good Habit Is Hard to Find Podcast

Amanda – Why Move to South Carolina?
Renee – First Day of Class
Chris – Automatic Habit
Brendon – Mental Habit
Micro Stories
-Anonymous: I Didn’t Know I Would Be Talking to a Bunch of People
-Angie: Baby Feet
-Brendon: Caffeine Fix
-Anonymous: I Will Never Do This Again
-Chris: Poor Chemo Choices
-Melissa: Driving Long Distances

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