I Should Have Known Better Podcast

I Should Have Known Better
It’s always so much fun to have an event at Old Sugar Distillery and it keeps looking nicer and nicer in there. It’s come a long way from being lit by one small clip on light in the corner. The vibe keeps improving and the stories are consistently fun. It seems appropriate that our I Should Have Known Better event was in a bar.

I Should Have Known Better, You Should Have Known Better, and That’s Why We’re Here Together.

This time a whole bunch of bartenders slipped out from behind the bar and behind the mic to tell their stories, but they were only a few of the stories in the mix. Continuing what is at least a trend and maybe some day will be a tradition we even had a 13 year old get up in front of the crowd to tell her story. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Our next event is May 6th at Crescendo. We’ll announce the theme on our Facebook page. We’ll also be at the Bubbler at Central Library tomorrow (Sunday April 10th) for a storytelling workshop at 3 pm. We’ll be working with Jen Rubin who is a producer for The Moth in Madison and has told stories at our mic.

And now, the stories.

I Should Have Known Better Podcast

1. Tom – Shitting On Your Friends
2. Brendon – The Right Party
3. Mel – Best Meal I Ever Had
4. Stephanie – Do I Want to Be a Teacher?
5. Kat – Kids and Butter
6. Cody – Black Hole
7. Micro Stories
-Anonymous: A List of Don’ts
-Anonymous: Drinking Math
-Daniel: Blindsided
-Anonymous: You Learn Something New
-Anonymous: Butthead’s Radio
-Anonymous: Greatest Coffins in the World
8. Muirrieyah de la O – If You Seek Amy
9. Jake – Eternal Grounding
10. Abbey – My Dad
11. Marian – Cello Hands

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