Interruption Podcast

Interruption and I are intimate friends. I’ve spent a lot of time interrupting and being interrupted in my life. It is one of those things that I strive to deal with gracefully. Here are a slew of interruptions some of us countered with grace and some of us countered with a $20.


The only way to counter a shouted interruption is to shout right back.

Thanks to everyone who came and listened and thanks to everyone who came and told a story. Let’s have more of both please.

Our next event will be January 6th at Old Sugar Distillery.

And now, the stories.

Brendon – For the People
Rikkard – Ranger Rick
Beth – Tackling the City
Keith – Whisper
Anonymous – Over and Over
Anonymous – Dinner
Anonymous – Is There a Doctor on the Plane?
Anonymous – A First, Second, and Third Time for Everything

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