Last Times Recordings

Last Times for the Last Time

Last Times

Thanks to everyone who came out and told stories at our Last Times Event and to everyone who listened and drank Forequarter’s drinks. You made this fun. Also thanks to Private Public for teaming up with us to bring the art. Sorry to those of you who told stories, but aren’t seeing them here. We had an equipment failure and lost one story and all of the micro stories. Sorry forever, Avery. You and Jess can make a club about it.

Anonymous – Rocky Mountain High

Ian – Where Do Missing Socks Go?

Gerri – Initiation

Keith – Last Laugh

Our next event is next Friday July 10th at Hudson Park’s boat launch. We’re having our end of season showcase featuring a few storytellers from this past year. We’ll also a chance for people to tell micro stories and be splashing around some beer so bring cups.

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