Other People’s Stories Recordings

Aaaaaaand we’re back with other people’s stuff.

Other People's Stories

We got together with Madison Community Discourse at Old Sugar Distillery to tell other people’s stories. We told them the way they were always meant to be told, by us. We told them over whisky. We told them to each other.

Old Sugar had dressed up their place since we had been there last. The lovely overhead lights were a nice touch. Especially since last time the one bright spot light gave the place a slaughter house feel.

Please check out Madison Community Discourse’s page. They are out their stumping for the fine arts with classes and a fine and fancy free storefront in Hilldale starting in October. What good friends we have.

It was good to see everyone gather together again. Even if we were all just there to steal some intellectual property or talk about stealing actual property. Nothing will bring you together like some larceny.

Rebecca – A Life on the Land

Keith – 48 Guns

Amanda – Groupon Compulsion

Various – Microstories

Jonathan – To Sir (and Viv) With Love

Anonymous – Ghosting

Our next event is next Friday October 23rd at 100state. Watch our facebook page like a hawk to find out more!

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