Other People’s Stories Podcast

Other People's StoriesWe came back from August to one of our favorite venues, Old Sugar Distillery. They’ve got a totally bitchin’ room for us to tell stories in.

Thanks to all the people who were just hanging out in that room before we showed up and decided to stick around to see what would happen. You are deeply appreciated and this blog post proves it.

Here is our podcast in one big chunk this time. Here’s to a very good year.

Rebecca (Orpha) – A Life on the Land
Keith (Steve) – 48 Guns
Amanda (Phil) – Groupon Compulsion
Microstories: Stealing
-April 1st
-Honest Abe
-Something Very Valuable
-Every Time
-The One About the Dog
-Jesus Hemp
-Uncomfortable Wrong-Doer
Jonathan (Lou and Ram) – To Sir (And Viv) With Love
Anonymous (Alexander) – Ghosting

Our next event is next Friday October 23rd at 100state. Watch our facebook page like a hawk to find out more!

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