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#19: So Long for Now

So Long for Now

So Long for Now, but we’ll see you again September 5th.

We got together at Hudson Park on Friday the 13th to say “So Long for Now”. There weren’t many bugs, there were at least 5 gallons of beer, it smelled a little like seaweed in the front row (I assure you that’s why there was no one sitting there), and we had some visitors. There was a guy fly fishing in waders who didn’t seem much affected by us, a duck fight which didn’t seem much affected by us, the strains of some booty shaking music from a passing party boat which affected us, and 4 or 5 planes overhead. At least one of those planes happened by at an opportune moment to heighten the effect of one of our stories. We managed to deal with the other planes. So while we didn’t affect too many of our surroundings those surroundings affected our stories and our stories affected us. At the end of it all, there was a striking full moon for those who hung out afterwards drinking beer down by the water.

We invited three past story tellers to come tell us any story that they felt like. I can’t imagine another way to have brought together a story from Anna on the personal origins of Madison Storytellers, a story from Erica about the lifetime commitment of potty training, and a story from Andy about being two things at once. Then we told some micro stories in a chain with each story inspired by the one that came before it.

We’re going to take a short break now, but we’ll be back on September 5th to partner with Madison Public Library’s The Bubbler for a Night Light event. We did one back in December and that turned out well. We think this one will too. Bring your stories in September and we know it will turn out well. Thanks for being with us this year.

So long for now.

So Long for Now by Madison Storytellers on Mixcloud

#18: Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

We are getting to the end of the season. Last Friday, the 23rd, we told stories out on the patio at Arbco. There weren’t any bugs, the light from the parking garage next door didn’t spoil the mood, a little boy kept riding a bike by and saying poop (wonderful), a young man wearing a fez then had a sword fight with the kid who kept saying poop (even better), and we heard some good stories.

Next month we’ll get together at Hudson Park over on the East Side. There is a nice amphitheater down by the lake where we can all meet. We’ll be doing something a little different with the format, but the important thing is that we’ll also be bringing some beer to give to you. There will still be some stories, but we also want to take time just to hang out with each other. We’ve revealed a lot of personal stories to each other, but many of us don’t know each other’s names. Let’s rectify that situation with a night of beer down by the lake.

When you come down to the lake next month, bring a couple of bucks with you. We received a Dane County Arts Grant to purchase a new field recorder so that we can reliably get your stories recorded wherever you might be telling them. We need to match grant funds and are looking for donations. Thank you for your help.

We’ll be taking July and August off and coming back in in September. See you Friday June 13th at Hudson Park or next September. In either case keep doing interesting things, having near death experiences, and reflecting on all of it so that you can come tell us a really great story, just some really really killer stories.

Summer Vacation by Madison Storytellers on Mixcloud

#17: Show-and-Tell

Show-and-Tell: The very best part of grade school.


While the rest of you were at the Terrace or otherwise outside we went inside for show-and-tell. And the telling was magnificent, the showing was not bad either. We showed-and-told about the importance of hair and car fights. We showed-and-told about explosions and the difficulties inherent in planning hiking trips, or inherent in us anyway. We showed-and-told about friendship. Oh boy, did we show-and-tell about friendship.

Madison Storytellers has some good news. We recently received a Dane County Arts grant to purchase some new recording equipment. This means we stopped being a club and started being a legitimate arts group! Dane county values us! We’ve made it! We’re all artists! This equipment will help us keep snatching your voice out of the air and cramming it onto the internet for others to enjoy. Our recordings get a lot of positive feedback and are a point of pride for us. They also help us share what we are all doing with the other storytelling groups across the United States. Heck, our recordings have even been featured on a national podcast. The grant is a matching grant, which means we need to raise some money. We’re asking that the next time you are at a Madison Storytellers event you throw a couple of bucks our way. For helping out we’ll record you giving a special message and stick it up on the internet because we love the way you sound.

Next month we’ll meet back at Arboretum Cohousing (you all know each other well enough now, you can call it ArbCo). At that time we can talk about Summer Vacation Stories. That seems apt.

Show-and-Tell on Mixcloud

#13: Abridged: Stories about You and Your Books

Stories you shaped from the books you’ve read.

Abridged Books

Way back in December we all got together for one of The Bubbler at Madison Public Library’s Night Light Events. I do mean all of us. There were so many of you! Thank you for coming. It has been a long road, full of pitfalls and apparent dead ends from then until now, but finally we are posting the recordings of the erudite stories we all laid on the line that night. We managed to capture the full stories, but unfortunately the micro stories have been lost to us. However, the air that you started vibrating back in December is still vibrating right out into space. If you can out pace it and then find some way to capture and amplify those weakened waves you could rescue our stories from the twin oubliettes of time and forgetfulness. You would be a hero. I would bake you something.

Next month we’ll be reliving the best part of grade school: SHOW AND TELL. Dust off all that important stuff that you keep on a shelf because you can’t get rid of, but don’t really use. Then bring it on over and tell a story about how these things fit into your life.

Abridged: Stories about You and Your Books on Mixcloud

#16: Quitting Stories

Stories about the things we leave behind.


Last Friday we slung some stories about things we have quit. Of course there were stories about quitting jobs and school. Who hasn’t quit a job or school? We have also quit swimming lessons (which is sort of like school), politics, and karate. We weren’t ever able to quit bingo and it took longer than we would have liked to quit karate. We won’t be quitting whiskey, women, or worry anytime soon.

Next month we’ll be reliving the best part of grade school: SHOW AND TELL. Dust off all that important stuff that you keep on a shelf because you can’t get rid of, but don’t really use. Then bring it on over and tell a story about how these things fit into your life.

Quitting Stories on Mixcloud

Next month there is another storytelling event for you to check out in town when Listen To Your Mother (LTYM) returns on Mothers Day. In two weeks we’ll have a post with an interview with the creator of LTYM, Ann Imig.

Recordings from a lot of Past Story Nights

Sorry these recordings took so long.

Sorry about the delay with these recordings from past story nights

So in March of last year we got together to tell stories about being Born Again. Oh, and in April we told some stories about Spring Cleaning. Then in May we told some stories about Liquid Courage. During all of these events we took recordings of your stories. You did a fantastic job. You should all be proud of yourselves, but some of you speak really softly and others speak really loudly. That means that we had to work a little digital magic and sound engineer mumbo jumbo to make everything come out smooth. This took a little bit, but now the work is done and you can reap the rewards of all of your hard work using the widget below or by going to the recordings section of this very website or by going to the Madison Storytellers Mixcloud.

We’ve only listed first names unless you’ve told a story before and told us we could use your last name. If you find your story and want all of your names all over it email us and we’ll slap names on it. If you want all of your names off of it or don’t want it on the internet at all email us and we’ll slap names off of it or slap it off the internet.

While your listening to past glories you should think about what story you are going to tell next week on February 28th. That’s when we’ll be gathering at Arboretum Cohousing to tell protest stories. Should be a hoot. Should be a holler. Sign up now.

You should also keep a look out for information on a couple of story events happening in the Madison area. We’ll bring you that information a little later in the week. Lots of stories dropping in Madison. Good work everyone.

Liquid Courage Stories on Mixcloud

Spring Cleaning Stories on Mixcloud

Born Again Stories on Mixcloud

#14: Origin Stories

Stories about how things got this way.

Darwin had some origin stories.

Darwin had some stories about origins.

Last Friday we got together to tell stories about the origins of a lot of things in our lives. One of us traced his path to emailing clients about his cats. Another his steps from an interest in numbers to an interest in people. A lot of us talked about scars, our scars, our brother’s scars, our cat’s scars. You can listen to all of the stories below.

Next month we’ll be telling stories about protests and the month after that we’ll tell stories about quitting. Clear your calendars and practices your accents. Stories sound good in accents.

Origin Stories on Mixcloud

Don’t forget that you can go tell stories about love this Friday at Crescendo Music Cafe on Monroe Street. Sign up ahead of time.

#12: Stories about Family

These aren’t all painful memories. We told some stories about family members we respect too.

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
-Leo Tolstoy, from Anna Karenina

Back in November we got together to tell stories about our families. We got one about family vacations that attempt to kill, another about a fabled Grand Marquis embedded deep in Mexico, and one about the perks of color blindness. You can listen to all of the stories below.

Family on Mixcloud