Recordings of what you said in the past.

FirstTitleStory Night
RikkardRanger RikInterruption
BrendonFor the PeopleInterruption
AnonymousA First, A Second, A Third TimeInterruption
AnonymousIs There A Doctor on the Plane?Interruption
AnonymousOver and OverInterruption
VictoriaThe Dangers of NamingIt Ain't Fair
AnonymousFirst UnfairnessIt Ain't Fair
AnonymousI Just Wrote ThisIt Ain't Fair
RoniHair CutIt Ain't Fair
AnnAn Unpleasant SurpriseIt Ain't Fair
To Home
It Ain't Fair
KevinEat, Pray, FailTransition
SusanDon't ResistTransition
RikardMen Do NotTransition
AlisonThey Get HarderTransition
AndrewRemain in TransitionTransition
RikardReally SimilarTransition
WilliamEssential, but InefficientTransition
AnonymousSomething About the Twin CitiesTransition
KevinStill DreamingTransition
AlanA Five Year OldCrossing the LIne
HeatherLouieCrossing the LIne
EstebanWrong NeighborhoodCrossing the LIne
EricQuakersCrossing the LIne
EricGhengis KhanCrossing the LIne
JohnAnother Dog StoryCrossing the LIne
MichaelBrushCrossing the LIne
JohnLockdownCrossing the LIne
BenSomething About Grandpas and GuiltSpilt Milk
LaurieCrashSpilt Milk
AnonymousList of OptionsSpilt Milk
BrendonTake the HintSpilt Milk
ReneeLittle CaveSpilt Milk
KaySpilt MilkSpilt Milk
BrendonThe Right PartyI Should Have Known Better
De-La-OIf You Seek AmyI Should Have Known Better
AbbeyMy DadI Should Have Known Better
JakeEternal GroundingI Should Have Known Better
MarianCello HandsI Should Have Known Better
CodyBlack HoleI Should Have Known Better
VariousI Should Have Known Better Micro StoriesI Should Have Known Better
KatKids and ButterI Should Have Known Better
MelBest Meal I Ever HadI Should Have Known Better
StephanieDo I Want to Be a TeacherI Should Have Known Better
TomShitting on Your FriendsI Should Have Known Better
AmandaWhy Move to South Carolina?A Good Habit
BrendonMental HabitA Good Habit
ReneeFirst Day of ClassA Good Habit
Micro StoriesMicro StoriesA Good Habit
ChrisAutomatic HabitA Good Habit
AnonymousI Didn’t Know I Would Be Talking to a Bunch of PeopleA Good Habit
AmandaPranksFlip Flop
LindaSister From HellFlip Flop
VariousFalling Down Micro StoriesFlip Flop
JimMy LetterFlip Flop
BrendonWaiting to Wake UpFlip Flop
AnonymousDon't Push Boundaries Too MuchFandom
VariousPerformance Micro StoriesFandom
AmandaI Don't Claim to be a FanFandom
BrendonCanadians Can Be MeanFandom
AlisonX-Phile: Vignettes of FandomFandom
FernI Have One FanFandom
StephanieAccidental DirectorFandom
EbediahHow I Should Have Answered an Ice BreakerDressed Up
AmandaPretending to listen to Sufjan Stevens and smoking Clove CigarettesDressed Up
SarahNot as Tough as I ThoughtDressed Up
BrendonJumped Up FreshmanDressed Up
AnonymousRegularly Being Someone ElseDressed Up
AmandaGroupon CompulsionOther People's Stories
Keith48 GunsOther People's Stories
JonathanTo Sir (and Viv) With LoveOther People's Stories
RebeccaA Life On the LandOther People's Stories
VariousStealing Micro StoriesOther People's Stories
AnonymousGhostingOther People's Stories
VariousThat's All Folks! Micro StoriesThat's All Folks!
AmandaComing of Age With KatieThat's All Folks!
KeithHappy Birthday, Matt.That's All Folks!
JenCould I Have Done It?That's All Folks!
KeithLast LaughLast Times
GerriInitiationLast Times
AnonymousRocky Mountain HighLast Times
IanWhere Do Missing Socks Go?Last Times
LibbyWater PumpIn Over Our Heads
TomI Was Real ComfortableIn Over Our Heads
BrendonDarwin Did this to MeIn Over Our Heads
FernTemper TantrumIn Over Our Heads
SarahI Am a Very Strong SwimmerIn Over Our Heads
PeterI Don't Know What Else to SayIn Over Our Heads
ChrisThe Case of a Handgun in the RiverIn Over Our Heads
VariousWater Micro StoriesIn Over Our Heads
VariousAdventure Micro StoriesAdventure
LisaLost in RomeAdventure
AmandaFrickin' Wacko MomentAdventure
BrendonCrosstown TrafficAdventure
SarahJim-Jam JustinAdventure
NicThe Prince of EstoniaAdventure
JamieA Roadtrip West & Romantic EntanglementsAdventure
KeithPrimate ProblemsAdventure
KarenSteely DanPets
SarahNever Been Back AgainPets
JenFeeling Differently about DogsPets
BrendonSarah's StoryPets
JolienHistory with HamstersPets
JolienMy First CatPets
BrendonHow to Dismantle a Teacher's PetPets
AnonymousNaked PussyPets
AlisonThomas then TomPets
VariousPets Micro StoriesPets
JoanneThanks ProfessorsPets
Tenacious BThe Courage to be AloneCourage
VariousCourage Micro StoriesCourage
AnonymousMy Stepmother's PistolCourage
BrendonIn the ClearCourage
JenThe ProposalCourage
JonathanLocked Doors of DemocracyCourage
VariousRivalries Micro StoriesRivalries
KeithDance CrewRivalries
AnonymousCondoms and TorchesRivalries
AnonymousDebate THIS!Rivalries
EricaHow Beyonce Taught Me to Forget the HatersRivalries
AmandaFriends of ConvenienceRivalries
AnonymousIf You Stick Around Long Enough You Can WinRivalries
JessSo Long ShalomCelebrate!
AnonymousTin StarCelebrate!
AnonymousHawaii for WorkCelebrate!
AlisonHo Ho Ho Ho PartyCelebrate!
AnonymousThis Is The LifeCelebrate!
KeefeThe ArboretumCelebrate!
BrendonMy Plan WorkedCelebrate!
AdamAccidental WaifestI Thought I Was Going to Die
GlenSomething that Happened to Me TodayI Thought I Was Going to Die
PeterThe Names have been changed but the problems are realI Thought I Was Going to Die
SteelThere Are No CoincidencesI Thought I Was Going to Die
AlisonPrincess in the GraveyardI Thought I Was Going to Die
LaurelGrowing CedarI Thought I Was Going to Die

All the recordings from our events prior to our “I Thought I Was Going to Die” event can be found on our Mixcloud page. Starting with “I Thought I Was Going to Die” we started hosting files here.

If you are interested in getting ahold of one of our stories and need it in a different format or if you are a storyteller and want us to change how your name or story title is listed, please email us at madisonstorytellers [at]