Transition Podcast

TransitionAnother month, another guest host, another Transition. This time it was Alison Ahlgrim hosting our event. Alison did such a nice job getting you up there and you did such a nice job getting your stories out.

Coming out, suicide, breakups, and farts.

They also involves bravery. All different levels and forms of it and the kind of bravery that lets you come out to your dad or talk about attempting suicide in front of strangers commingles with the kind of bravery that lets you let someone else take the blame for your stanky cleanse fart.

Our next event is October 7th at Crescendo and the theme is It Ain’t Fair.

And now, the stories.

Alison Ahlgrim – They Get Harder
Rick – Really Similar
William – Essential, but Inefficient
Andrew – Remain in Transition
Kevin Gibbons – Eat, Pray, Fail
Anonymous – Something about the Twin Cities
Susan – Don’t Resist
Kevin Gibbons – Still Dreaming
Rick – Men Do Not

Crossing the Line Podcast

Crossing the Line

Welcome back to Crescendo after a summer off for our Crossing the Line story night. Our friend Esteban Touma hosted the event and he’s funny and charming as always. Esteban also noticed that you all have a thing about dead animals.

Turns out that crossing the line involves a lot of dead animals.

Our next event will be October 7th at Crescendo. We’ll announce the theme on our Facebook page. We’ll also be continuing our storytelling workshops. The next one is September 18th at Madison Central Library’s Bubbler Room. We’ll be working with Jen Rubin who is a producer for The Moth in Madison and has told stories at our mic. Speaking of The Moth, Esteban will be hosting their event this coming Monday.

And now, the stories.

Esteban – The Biggest Line in the World
Heather – D.I.N.K.s
John – Tight Clamp
Alan – Threshold, Stolen Cookies, The Belt, Threshold
Eric story bloc – Know What You Are About; Ghengis Khan and the Hawk; Power of No; Chamber of Treasures
John – Another Dog Story
Mykel – Breaking the Law and Crossing the Line

From the Ashes Recordings

Dusting ourselves off and leaving the ashes behind.

from the ashes
The Bubbler at Madison Central Library keeps having us back and we keep having a lot of fun there. Even when we are telling stories about times that weren’t so very much fun.

This time there was a whole lot of other stuff happening before the stories got underway. 100state had the award ceremony for their Pynk Phoenix contest. This involved a bit of body paint and streamers. Also some dancing. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

from the ashesIt was also the gallery opening for local artist Romano Johnson. Go see it because there is glitter, bright colors, and incredible hairdos. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

Thanks for another fine year of stories and thank you to another fine year of fine, fine audiences. People get up and tell stories about difficult times in their lives and they always say that we are welcoming and supportive as an audience. Which means the world. Just the whole world.

Amanda – Switch

Laurie – Out of the Shadows

Jonathan – Catechism with Carl Bernstein

Fire Microstories

-No Cake
-No Fire
-Like A Lot of Very Stupid Young People
-Blind Date
-Parents Who Don’t Pay Attention

We are taking December off and will see you all in January.

Let us know if you have a storytelling event coming up and we’ll tell everyone we know about it. Just everyone.

Other People’s Stories Recordings

Aaaaaaand we’re back with other people’s stuff.

Other People's Stories

We got together with Madison Community Discourse at Old Sugar Distillery to tell other people’s stories. We told them the way they were always meant to be told, by us. We told them over whisky. We told them to each other.

Old Sugar had dressed up their place since we had been there last. The lovely overhead lights were a nice touch. Especially since last time the one bright spot light gave the place a slaughter house feel.

Please check out Madison Community Discourse’s page. They are out their stumping for the fine arts with classes and a fine and fancy free storefront in Hilldale starting in October. What good friends we have.

It was good to see everyone gather together again. Even if we were all just there to steal some intellectual property or talk about stealing actual property. Nothing will bring you together like some larceny.

Rebecca – A Life on the Land

Keith – 48 Guns

Amanda – Groupon Compulsion

Various – Microstories

Jonathan – To Sir (and Viv) With Love

Anonymous – Ghosting

Our next event is next Friday October 23rd at 100state. Watch our facebook page like a hawk to find out more!

That’s All Folks Recordings

We don’t stutter when we say “That’s All Folks.”

That's All Folks

For our last story night of the season we gathered at Hudson Park, or as everyone seems to know it that-one-park-kind-of-over-by-Olbrich-that-has-an-amphitheater-thing-right-on-the-water. So there we were right on the water and it didn’t really smell and you could kind of hear FĂȘte de Marquette, but the people over there didn’t know what they were missing anyway, and we had a good time. It was a perfect summer moment for me there with some stories in our mouths and homebrew in our bellies.

To the woman in the pink dress who drove up in her minivan and then drove away after a minute or two, you don’t know what you missed. Please come back to us.

To the middle aged man who biked by and told his wife he didn’t want to stop because he didn’t want “to be lectured at.” We aren’t those kind of storytellers! Our lessons are personal, but relatable. We’re also pretty funny. Listen to these stories if you don’t believe me or if you do.

To everyone else who came to an event this past season. Thank you. Come to another one. Share a story. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Keith – Happy Birthday, Matt

Jen – Could I Have Done It?

Amanda – Coming of Age with Katie

Various – That’s All Folks Microstories