Strangers Podcast

A bunch of mostly strangers got together at Old Sugar Distillery to tell stories. What follows is a document of those stories. What you miss in this document is the space before, between, and after the stories when people got to know each other, compliment the stories they heard, and have some really good drinks or not.


Mötley Crüe and James Joyce are no longer strangers thanks to us.

Thanks to everyone who came and listened and thanks to everyone who came and told a story. Let’s have more of both please.

Our next event will be February 3rd at Old Sugar Distillery. Before we get to the stories please go and check out Madison Writers’ Studio to find out more about the storytelling class we are offering together in February.

And now, the stories.

Anonymous – Catinder
Rikkard – Everyone is Related
Jeff – Many Rats
Brendon – Diary
Anonymous – The Best Roommate
Anonymous – My Favorite Stranger
Anonymous – Driven
Anonymous – Kindness During Conflict
Anonymous – Cedi
Anonymous – Tourist Trap
Anonymous – Check the Bottom
Anonymous – Pierced
Anonymous – I Have Some Questions
Caitlin – Saved by a Magazine
Anonymous – Rockin’ and Rollin’
Milena – Joyce
Tom – Tony