I Should Have Known Better Podcast

I Should Have Known Better
It’s always so much fun to have an event at Old Sugar Distillery and it keeps looking nicer and nicer in there. It’s come a long way from being lit by one small clip on light in the corner. The vibe keeps improving and the stories are consistently fun. It seems appropriate that our I Should Have Known Better event was in a bar.

I Should Have Known Better, You Should Have Known Better, and That’s Why We’re Here Together.

This time a whole bunch of bartenders slipped out from behind the bar and behind the mic to tell their stories, but they were only a few of the stories in the mix. Continuing what is at least a trend and maybe some day will be a tradition we even had a 13 year old get up in front of the crowd to tell her story. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Our next event is May 6th at Crescendo. We’ll announce the theme on our Facebook page. We’ll also be at the Bubbler at Central Library tomorrow (Sunday April 10th) for a storytelling workshop at 3 pm. We’ll be working with Jen Rubin who is a producer for The Moth in Madison and has told stories at our mic.

And now, the stories.

I Should Have Known Better Podcast

1. Tom – Shitting On Your Friends
2. Brendon – The Right Party
3. Mel – Best Meal I Ever Had
4. Stephanie – Do I Want to Be a Teacher?
5. Kat – Kids and Butter
6. Cody – Black Hole
7. Micro Stories
-Anonymous: A List of Don’ts
-Anonymous: Drinking Math
-Daniel: Blindsided
-Anonymous: You Learn Something New
-Anonymous: Butthead’s Radio
-Anonymous: Greatest Coffins in the World
8. Muirrieyah de la O – If You Seek Amy
9. Jake – Eternal Grounding
10. Abbey – My Dad
11. Marian – Cello Hands

A Good Habit is Hard to Find Podcast

A Good Habit is Hard to Find and Only Getting Harder.

A Good Habit is Hard to Find

Ugh, I just broke a CFL in my house and I’m not leaving the room because it is 11 pm and I have to write this. I might be getting mercury poisoning for all of you. I just want you to hear these stories about habits and micro stories about things we will never do again. Like what I’m doing right now. Sitting in a mercury contaminated room, writing this post, chewing on my fingernails, and eating my boogers. A good habit IS hard to find right here, right now.

We told these last week at Crescendo Music Cafe and boy, did we pack it in there. Chemo and bras and moving and babies and fireworks and on and on and on.

Our next event is April 1st at Old Sugar Distillery. The theme will be I Should Have Known Better.

And now, the stories.

A Good Habit Is Hard to Find Podcast

Amanda – Why Move to South Carolina?
Renee – First Day of Class
Chris – Automatic Habit
Brendon – Mental Habit
Micro Stories
-Anonymous: I Didn’t Know I Would Be Talking to a Bunch of People
-Angie: Baby Feet
-Brendon: Caffeine Fix
-Anonymous: I Will Never Do This Again
-Chris: Poor Chemo Choices
-Melissa: Driving Long Distances

Flip Flop Podcast and Recordings

Flip Flop all the way to the bank.

Flip FlopThis is hot off the audacity presses and hot onto the wordpresses. We told stories about changing our minds and micro stories about falling down. We also had a lot of fun.

This will probably be our last story night at Arboretum Cohousing for the foreseeable future as we next month we move over to our new regularly scheduled home of Crescendo Music Cafe. Thanks to both of these places.

Our next event is March 4th at Crescendo Music Cafe Map.

And now, the stories.

Flip Flop Podcast

Brendon – Waiting to Wake Up
Jim – My Letter
Amanda – Pranks
Micro Stories
-Keith: Two Stories
-Glen: Early Adopter
-Annie: Those Things are Dangerous
-Coral: The Dangers of Undressing
-Sue: What Kind of Companion
-Amanda: HA HA HEH
-Phil: Jumping in too Quick
Linda – Sister from Hell

Fandom Podcast and Recordings

Kingdom of Fandom

Fandom Here we are in the afterglow of another wonderful Madison Storyteller’s evening. We tried out a new location, Crescendo Espresso Bar and Cafe, and it worked out really nicely. We are hoping to be there all the time now.

And you, you were all wonderful too. You listened rapturously, you laughed loudly, and clapped like the Devil was after you and you believed in the Devil and thought for some reason that clapping would get the Devil to stop chasing you. We all know that isn’t true. Clapping brings fairies back to life. You also told the paint off of some stories about Fandom. Here they are in the podcast form and if you want to download your story or your favorite story to make some new club jam out of it you can go to Recordings section of our website.

Our next event is February 5th so that you can get excited for The Moth on February 15th.

Fandom Podcast

Amanda – Not a Great Fan
Brendon – Canadians Can Be Mean
Alison – X-Philes
Micro Stories
-Amanda: I’ve Recovered
-Anonymous: Performance and Deceit
-Keith: The Trick
-Mallory: Struggin It
-Matt: Finally Recorded
-Anonymous: Metason Storytellers
-Anonymous: True Fan
-Anonymous: Somehow I Was Acting
-Anonymous: Meeting Robin
Stephanie – Accidental Director
Anonymous – Don’t Push Boundaries Too Much
Fern – I Have One Fan

From the Ashes Recordings

Dusting ourselves off and leaving the ashes behind.

from the ashes
The Bubbler at Madison Central Library keeps having us back and we keep having a lot of fun there. Even when we are telling stories about times that weren’t so very much fun.

This time there was a whole lot of other stuff happening before the stories got underway. 100state had the award ceremony for their Pynk Phoenix contest. This involved a bit of body paint and streamers. Also some dancing. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

from the ashesIt was also the gallery opening for local artist Romano Johnson. Go see it because there is glitter, bright colors, and incredible hairdos. These are all things we can get behind as an organization.

Thanks for another fine year of stories and thank you to another fine year of fine, fine audiences. People get up and tell stories about difficult times in their lives and they always say that we are welcoming and supportive as an audience. Which means the world. Just the whole world.

Amanda – Switch

Laurie – Out of the Shadows

Jonathan – Catechism with Carl Bernstein

Fire Microstories

-No Cake
-No Fire
-Like A Lot of Very Stupid Young People
-Blind Date
-Parents Who Don’t Pay Attention

We are taking December off and will see you all in January.

Let us know if you have a storytelling event coming up and we’ll tell everyone we know about it. Just everyone.