That’s All Folks Podcast

ThatsAll-724485Here’s the podcast from our final story event of the season. We met out at Hudson Park, drank some homebrew, and heard from some excellent storytellers.

People who lived in the neighborhood kept swooping in to check out what was going on. The middle age crew on bikes didn’t stick around long since they thought we were giving lectures, but there was a nice family on a boat who stuck around and even applauded a little from out on the water.

Thanks to everyone who told stories in front of our mic and our crowds this year. We’ll see you in September. Check out this page or our Facebook page for up coming events.

Keith – Happy Birthday, Matt.
Jen – Could I Have Done It?
Amanda – Coming of Age with Katie
Anonymous – A Way With Words
Peter – 3 Dozen Roommates
Blake – A Boss
Adam – The Neighbor and Homemade Fireworks