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We don’t stutter when we say “That’s All Folks.”

That's All Folks

For our last story night of the season we gathered at Hudson Park, or as everyone seems to know it that-one-park-kind-of-over-by-Olbrich-that-has-an-amphitheater-thing-right-on-the-water. So there we were right on the water and it didn’t really smell and you could kind of hear Fête de Marquette, but the people over there didn’t know what they were missing anyway, and we had a good time. It was a perfect summer moment for me there with some stories in our mouths and homebrew in our bellies.

To the woman in the pink dress who drove up in her minivan and then drove away after a minute or two, you don’t know what you missed. Please come back to us.

To the middle aged man who biked by and told his wife he didn’t want to stop because he didn’t want “to be lectured at.” We aren’t those kind of storytellers! Our lessons are personal, but relatable. We’re also pretty funny. Listen to these stories if you don’t believe me or if you do.

To everyone else who came to an event this past season. Thank you. Come to another one. Share a story. You’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Keith – Happy Birthday, Matt

Jen – Could I Have Done It?

Amanda – Coming of Age with Katie

Various – That’s All Folks Microstories

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