Transition Podcast

TransitionAnother month, another guest host, another Transition. This time it was Alison Ahlgrim hosting our event. Alison did such a nice job getting you up there and you did such a nice job getting your stories out.

Coming out, suicide, breakups, and farts.

They also involves bravery. All different levels and forms of it and the kind of bravery that lets you come out to your dad or talk about attempting suicide in front of strangers commingles with the kind of bravery that lets you let someone else take the blame for your stanky cleanse fart.

Our next event is October 7th at Crescendo and the theme is It Ain’t Fair.

And now, the stories.

Alison Ahlgrim – They Get Harder
Rick – Really Similar
William – Essential, but Inefficient
Andrew – Remain in Transition
Kevin Gibbons – Eat, Pray, Fail
Anonymous – Something about the Twin Cities
Susan – Don’t Resist
Kevin Gibbons – Still Dreaming
Rick – Men Do Not

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